Building my site with Zeit, Squidex & Nuxt

22 January 2020

If you need a fast website for free, you need to look at these tools.

I wanted to build a new site for myself, for the past 6 months I've tried lots of different ideas for my site.

Most of them revolve around creativity. E.g. on this one you could leave a drawing:

And I finished this idea off but realized it's more of a 3d demo / boring game and not what I envisioned for my website.

Then I began looking around and decided to go for something more conventional:

But I had some requirements.

  • Serverside rendered
  • Built on Vue JS (My favorite framework right now)
  • Single page (Because it's 2020, fast, and it gives me more opportunities to animate which is awesome 😅)
  • Headless
  • FREE

Serverside rendered / Built on Vue JS

Unfortunately, search machines and social media sites aren't smart enough to know when your website has finished executing JavaScript, so we need to implement some serverside rendering or we'll never be found organically.

For this I used Nuxt JS, it's built on Vue, well documented and easy to get started with.

I had finished building the site you see without thinking about SEO too much, the content was correct but the rendering wasn't. I remember hearing from a friend about Nuxt and how it deals with the serverside rendering out of the box. Before this I'd never actually used Nuxt so I had to spend an extra day getting up to speed and moving the site over, it turned out to be fairly easy.


Ah yes; money.


I needed to manage the content somewhere, I didn't want anything else but an API that I could throw JSON at.

Squidex has an amazing Free tier, not a problem if you are a small company or even for a personal website. I had to report a few issues and the developers fixed it in a matter of minutes.


Buy the domain via Zeit, sync your code to Git and that's it... they take care of everything for you.

I took advantage of their serverless functions for my blog and contact form, I could then manage tokens and requests over there, update it and have it live within 15 seconds of my commit to the master branch.


If you need a fast website for free, you need to look at these tools.