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Floppy and floppier

So we got another dog

For the past few months, we've been talking about getting a dog. It's been my dream since a kid to have a Basset Hound. My auntie had (and still has) one, I was inspired by the Hush Puppies shoes.

I had posters of Basset Hounds on my walls, calendars, a watch, and even a stuffed toy. If anyone asked me my favorite type of dog I never even hesitated, the Basset is the dog for me.

But why now?

Our other dog (Kygo) is now 2 years old. She's very well-behaved, trained, and out of the puppy phase.

Every time Kygo plays with another dog she's exhausted and while we can play fetch and run with her, we can't give her the type of exercise and fun another dog can. We also do a lot of hunting activities to get her mind tired via the nose.

Every day we go to the dog park, for walks in the forest, or just walk on the street and there are no other dogs around. It sucks because she can't get all of her energy out and I don't want my dog to be frustrated in the house.

Floppy and floppier

Our solution to when there are no other dogs around? A second dog. The same type of dog (a hound). When we go to the park, they can play together. When we're at home they can play.

So we got Moby, the floppiest Basset from a wonderful family in the North of Holland.


As of writing, this Moby is 11 weeks old, he has a wonderful playful attitude. He lives up to the stereotype that Basset Hounds are stubborn. He has razor-sharp puppy nails and teeth. He loves Kygo and Kygo loves him. They play hard. They bark. They run. They eat each other's ears and a big spoon, little spoon on the sofa together after a play session. They're both driven by food, have floppy ears, and walk around with their noses glued to the floor.

Once Moby is fully vaccinated we're super excited to get out of the house and start exploring. From what we can tell he's brave and loves to meet new people. We've been trying hard to socialize him safely, with Covid and him being a puppy it's hard to get him in front of other people's faces. We carry him around and invite people to visit us, which seems to be working so far.

The Parents

As you know, having a puppy is like having a baby, we're exhausted!

Waking up in the middle of the night, taking him out every 20 minutes for a potty break. It's very challenging and stressful. The first time we did it with Kygo we thought it was the end of the world and we would never get out life back. I'm thankful for my colleague, he got a puppy a few years before us and explained how difficult it was in the beginning, but you have to stick to your puppy training and it'll all end well.

I would say it's (a little) easier the second time around, we know what to expect and how to deal with many of the things he throws at us. Distract rather than punish. Encourage instead of getting frustrated. Having a puppy is like learning a new language. They don't think or act like humans, they have no idea what we mean and we have to adapt to them.


There's so much amazing help on YouTube for free, before we got Moby I watched training videos every night for weeks. I still have to repeat many of the things I learned to myself every day and most of the time it works. Moby doesn't know when he's tired, I think he'd play all day if he could, but after a while, he just gets cranky and starts biting and barking. That's when we know he's reached his limit and it's time for a nap.


This is it, for now, I'll keep posting here and on Instagram ( @MobyAndKygo ) about their progress.

Published: 5th December 2021

Written by Lewi Hussey

#basset hound