Lewi Hussey Creative Developer

Hopeless 2021 recap

A look back on the epic year that was 2021

Recap video

A great year for animation

Cinema 4D got better with R25, Instagram is improving its video support.

We switched to Octane Render, this allows for prettier animations rendered a bit faster. It helps us to work more efficiently and see results instantaneously.

What we did

We're still messing around with identity and even trying to get the bot right, but here are some of our favorite videos:

What we didn't publish

We've been busy every day, but 90% wasn't published, here are a few screenshots:

What's next?

Here's what's happening in 2022 at Hopeless:

  • NFT's
  • Shop
  • Many more animations

Published: 29th December 2021

Written by Lewi Hussey

#hopeless motion